How to prepare your move properly?


You plan to move soon ? In a large city or elsewhere, it is advisable to prepare this operation well. Indeed, a move is generally a major source of anxiety.

Cartons and furniture

First of all, you need to find boxes. Several brands offer them for sale. Different sizes are available. For example, take small volumes for books, because these boxes will be very heavy. And large volumes for your clothes and household linen. As soon as you have filled a box, close it with tape and mark it: indicate its contents and/or its destination part. Also think about dismantling your furniture. The dismantled dressing room will be more likely to pass the stairs and will find it easier to fit in the truck.

Administrative procedures

L’also, it is a step to prepare in advance. List all institutions and contacts to whom you must notify your change of address. In general, it is essential to move your gas, electricity, water and Internet subscriptions. Also prepare your insurance, bank and utilities such as taxes or Sécu.


Build a team of movers! Get help, whether from friends, family or professionals. Prepare them early enough to be sure that they will be there and in numbers on D-Day. Also provide the equipment: a devil, a truck, straps, protective covers and food, drinks and snacks.

Special conditions “Paris

In Paris, a moving is often more difficult to organize. Rather, plan to move during the holidays or weekends, when the attendance is not at its highest. It will be easier to drive by truck and park in front of your building. Members of your moving team will also be more likely to be available and have less difficulty moving around the capital.

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